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The fastest way to get started as a Party Diva is to purchase your kit. We’ve made buying your first kit extremely easy as we’ve eliminated all the difficult choices you have with other party companies.


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There are three kits to choose from. These kits will not break the bank and come filled with our top selling products.


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By becoming a Independent Romance Specialist for Sweet Toy Delights, your earning potential is only limited by the goals you set for yourself.  Remember, you work when you want and where you want.

What are your goals?  Making some extra spending money?  Paying off some bills?  Taking a dream vacation?  Or being the next millionaire?

The Sweet Toy Delight opportunity is for anyone.  Turn your dreams into your reality now!

We know that you want to make money and that you need it now. That’s the reason we offer all of our specialists 50% commissions on your personal sales as soon as you sign up and have the potential to earn up to 55%. We are a company of consultants for consultants. Why settle for plans that only offer you 25%, 30%, or even 40% commissions on your personal sales? Why worry about having to work your way up to earn those premium buying discounts enjoyed by only a few? You can make it right now with Sweet Toy Delights!

How much can you make with our 50% buying discount? A lot! By simply doing a few parties a week, you can easily earn upwards of $2000 or more a month. Not bad considering most parties last just a few hours. You can work your parties around your schedule and work when you want to work. The more parties you do, the more you will earn.

Sweet Toy Delights has no requirements for our romance consultants to maintain inventory. The decision to carry inventory is yours and yours only. We do not feel that it is right for anyone to impose stocking requirements on you. You are just starting your business and your cash is precious to you. With Sweet Toy Delights, you decide if and when the time is right for you to carry inventory. You are the CEO of your business and the choice is yours.


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25 Reasons To Be A Party Diva!

  1. You are your own Boss! You set your own hours.
  2. You decide how much you want to get paid.
  3. Make great MONEY!
  4. Freedom in Advertising and Marketing
  5. Part-time or Full-time? You decide.
  6. Payday is EVERY DAY that you have a party.
  7. Earn awards and contests for trips, jewelry, cash, product, and much more!
  8. Local and national based meetings, training, and conventions. Online training and conference calls also help you succeed.
  9. 24/7 e-commerce website means you’re always open for business.
  10. Hostess Portal on your website, where your hostesses can log into their party to monitor the total orders and even send email invitations right from your site!
  11. No inventory or delivery required.
  12. Our fabulous product line SELLS ITSELF!
  13. The company pays the Host/Hostess Program and Booking Bonuses.
  14. Your job is never boring! Better yet, it’s a PARTY!
  15. Great support system and sisterhood among all consultants.
  16. 50% commission on sales
  17. No Monthly Quotas.  No Active Requirements.  In order to remain active, simply pay your monthly back end fee.
  18. No requirement to carry inventory, but you can if you want to!  Your choice.
  19. Offer co-ed or couples parties if you choose.
  20. Help strengthen relationships.
  21. You will have more time to spend with family, children, and/or friends.
  22. You can have a day off whenever you want one.
  23. Take vacations without having to request time off.
  24. It will put a spark back into your own bedroom and boost your confidence.
  25. Every day that you decide to work, you get PAID to PARTY!



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Mz. AB


Welcome To
Pleasurable Delightz!

Hi there! My name is Mz AB. I am an adult toy party specialist from Columbus, OH. I love to have fun and party! Ready to have a toy party of your own?

If you like to party, are a people person, like making your own hours, and your own should check out the business opportunity and join my team! We would love to have another successful diva on our team!